30.11.2023 —17.02.2024

Selection of bright and talented

performers for the formation of concert programs


Our competition differs from those in which you are accustomed to participate!

First, we really care about your further development: we place videos of your speeches on the covers of our websites (in English, French, Spanish, German and Ukrainian) free of charge. This gives them an incredibly wide view, and you - the opportunity to receive new invitations to perform, to study in world-renowned educational institutions, because talented, persistent and successful are sought and awaited everywhere! By advertising our sites, we also advertise your talents!

Secondly, all participants will have a reduced fee to participate in the next events of our Center, not only music! We understand that there can be many talents, so we provide this opportunity to go with us always happily, economically ;-) and successfully!

Thirdly, participation in our competitions is a motivation for your further development, because we only go forward, overcome all difficulties and encourage you to plan and take your heights, go to success and enjoy your life!

These are also new perspectives that are always open to those who work hard! We will only help you in these perspectives, because the purpose of our work is not limited to holding a contest for the sake of the contest! We aim to find the best ways for you, new contacts, new ideas that can motivate you to acquire new competencies!

It is always a success, because we try to give everyone this feeling: diplomas and gifts to participants, certificates and awards - to teachers, gratitude - to parents and educational institutions, "development portfolio" - recommendations for the future.

All this hardens in general, especially children who, having tasted success, victory over difficulties, will strive to take new heights, to be resilient to life's challenges and problems: they are trained to overcome it!

So the competition is not just a competition! This is a whole system of working on a person to help him be happy, always dream and make his dreams come true!

Our competition is a holiday! He gives only joy! Joy, success and your prospects are the priorities of our work! We really like it!

Let's go together! Because only "together" gives brilliant results!

International online competition


will take place during

30.11.2023 ㅡ 17.02.2024 р.

on the sites of our Center


raising musical culture, uniting around the idea of enriching the resources of personal development of music performers to achieve artistic success

to promote high musical culture;
to ensure effective communication of the contestants and to develop technologies favorable for achieving the goal of the contest;
outline the prospects for personal development of each contestant and motivate him to further work to achieve high results;
to select bright and talented performers for the formation of programs of online and real concerts
videos of the winners of all nominations will be placed alternately on the covers of our 5 sites (French, English, Spanish, German and Ukrainian), which should provide them with a wide view, and performers - the opportunity to contact producers looking for new talent and new names






  • Dear organizers!

    I am grateful to you for your work not only as a music teacher, but also as a mother. My son Roma is learning to play the recorder for the first year. He is a capable boy, but not yet able to work hard. But when I showed him a video on your website and said that France was waiting for a video of him playing the recorder, and this video will also be published on the cover of the sites, he immediately set to work! ;-)
    We really practiced, taught the play in parts. The child has an incentive and desire to play a musical instrument at the best level!
    And I really like it!
    Myroslava NYRKO, Chernivtsi, Ukraine
    Music teacher (piano class)
  • For Elina ZAPARANIUK (Chernivtsi, Ukraine):

    Years, centuries pass, and new gifts and talents are replaced by new ones. Gifted and talented children are born, illuminating the world with the beauty of real, genuine art, the ability to create and give the joy of creativity.

    Elina, you are one of such talents. Such а wonderful melody, such a wonderful little musician!

    Good luck to you, Elina!

    Yana Dryukova
  • For the violin ensemble (France, leader - Beatrice Gifrey):
    Very cool and very talented! A delight for my ears. Hope to hear more of this wonderful music.

    Thank you for a pleasure, you are a great fellow !!!
    Hex Phill
  • For Roma Danylov (Chernivtsi, Ukraine):
    Roma, you're such a good guy!
    I wish you the best of luck !!

    You will succeed! Talented parents have only talented children!
    Tatiana Kuteeva

Competition program

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Processing of the materials submitted by the participants and viewing of the video recordings of the performances by the members of the Jury
Publication of the results of the first round of the Competition on the website
Second round of the competition (on the online stage)
Announcement of the results of the second round of the Competition through publication on 5 sites of the Centre
Sending award materials by mail
Creating a concert program
E-mail of the participant (adult in case of participation of a minor)
Phone number of the participant (adult in case of participation of a minor)
Last name and first name of the participant
Date of birth of the participant
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